Most advisors are quick to offer up one-size-fits-all financial advice. That’s not how we work at all. We take the time to truly partner with you to create a customized plan, help you make the most informed decisions, and keep you secure and on track throughout marketplace uncertainties. Our clients are clients for life. And as a lifelong partner, we listen to you, and invest in you. Your goals become ours. And we do our part to help you do yours. Together, we succeed. That’s a partnership.


We begin by listening. In the discovery phase, we meet with you to discuss your individualized priorities and goals for your retirement. We then work together to define and understand your unique vision for retirement, your investment options and comfort with risk, and establish a time frame to work towards. We then begin to put the building blocks in place for your customized plan.

Our team carefully analyzes and reviews all of the information gathered during the discovery phase, and prepares a plan designed to help you achieve the vision you have laid out for your retirement. Our analysis includes an evaluation of your assets, investments, liabilities, risk management, and tax strategies.

We meet with you to discuss our recommendations, which have been developed based directly upon all of our prior conversations, and are built to deliver upon the goals and objectives established. Our priority is ensuring that our clients are involved and informed every step of the way, so that you can move forward confidently and securely. This step is a dialogue and collaboration with the client, we LISTEN as much as or more than we talk.

Once your plan is finalized, we put it to work for you. With every detail in place, we stay by your side as your plan begins to bring your vision for retirement to life.

Our clients will tell you; we are their partners for life. With an ongoing communications plan tailored to your needs, client events and outings, and continuing educational updates to keep you informed, we are there for you to be sure your plan is delivering a stable, reliable income and peace of mind you can count on. We will meet with you annually, at minimum, to make certain the plan is following your life events, and make any required adjustments.

Meet Our Wealth Management Leadership

Manny Garcia

VP Wealth Management

Knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and intellectual leader are just a few words most often used to describe Manny Garcia. With over a decade of experience in the fast-paced financial industry, Manny has established himself as a powerhouse and an innovative leader and advisor.


VP Operations

Omar, brings over 20 years of Industry experience to the Skyline Wealth Strategies team. His background includes insurance, telecommunications and construction. After seeing the results of comprehensive retirement planning within his own parent’s lives, he has stepped back into the world of financial planning to collaborate with clients on creating the ideal plan of action to guarantee financial stability and peace of mind throughout their retirement.


What’s Different About Our Process?

The Retirement Blueprint works with your assets to set up multiple income streams which are strategically distributed during your retirement to ensure a predictable monthly income, accounting for your desired lifestyle and cost-of-living increases. We also plan your income distributions to minimize taxation so your nest egg goes further, providing you with a longer and more secure retirement.

What Do I Need to Prepare for My First Appointment?

Your first appointment is a chance for us to get to know each other. We’ll discuss your retirement goals and get a broad overview of your specific financial profile.

How Long Will My First Appointment Take?

The initial appointment typically takes 1.5 hours.

What Assets Do I Need to Set Up a Retirement Strategy?

To put a strong retirement strategy into place, we recommend $100,000 dollars or more in investable assets.

What Is an Investable Asset?

Investable assets include any assets that can be converted into cash including bank accounts, liquid investments and the like. Your home, automobiles and other physical assets do not qualify.

What Happens at the Retirement Blueprint Dinner?

Our Retirement Dinner and Discussions cover the general information you need to consider when planning for retirement. We also provide an overview of our approach to building your retirement strategy. The seminar runs less than two hours and a complimentary dinner will be served to all attendees. During the presentation, we’ll teach you about:

• Mitigating Risk
• Predictable Income
• Long-Term Care
• Laddered Income Plan
• Tax Strategy